Turn your newsletter articles into tweets and threads

Repurpose your writings. Create catchy short-form content for social media in a few clicks.

I've been sitting on lots and years of content that I've not found a system to break them down into tweets yet. So this is a lifesaver!

Dayo Samuel
Dayo Samuel
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Import articles with ease

Effortlessly upload your newsletters and long-form content in seconds.

Generate in one-click

Instantly create compelling tweets and threads from your existing work.

Share with the world

Easily select and publish your posts for maximum reach and engagement.

You worked hard on your content. Now, distribute it.

“Most people spend 80% or more of their content creation time on creating. Maybe 20% on distribution. If you flip that, you’ll probably get much more out of it.” — Josh Spector


Cut your social content creation time

No more staring at the blank screen.

Give content a new life...

Give content a new life...

Turn your best articles into fresh, engaging social posts in seconds.

The quality is amazing! I immediately copy-pasted some tweets.Kim Doyal

It sounds authentically you.

It sounds authentically you.

Alohi respect your tone of voice, so every tweet sounds like you wrote it.

Yes, I love it! It's really my style.Patrice Gorissen

Bye-bye writer's block!

Bye-bye writer's block!

Get a stream of high-quality tweets, inspired by your own ideas.

That's pretty useful for me as a long-form thinker.Dayo Samuel

Jen says she “can't recommend it enough.”

Alohi is a lifesaver for us. We've used it to successfully repurpose YEARS of content so it can find new audiences. We're also using it to promote our newsletters. If you want to save a boatload of time (and look smart while doing it), Alohi is a no-brainer. It's now one of our core apps for content creation.

Jen McFarland, CEO, Women Conquer Business

Jen McFarland

CEO, Women Conquer Business

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Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees.

Are the prices shown inclusive of tax?

Advertised prices are tax-exclusive. This means the prices shown are the retail prices without Value Added Tax (VAT).

How is VAT calculated at checkout?

When you proceed to checkout, the applicable sales tax will be calculated based on the billing address you provide.

What if I have a VAT number?

If you enter your VAT number during the checkout process, the VAT will be adjusted accordingly. For eligible businesses, this can result in a zero VAT charge.

Can I get a business invoice with VAT?

Yes. LemonSqueezy, our Merchant of Records, provides you with a business invoice.

Is the usage really unlimited, where stated?

Fair usage limits apply. You will be notified if you hit Alohi fair usage limits, but they are high enough you don't have to worry.

Our customers love Alohi

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Patrice Gorissen

Patrice Gorissen


I've only been testing your MVP for 10 minutes, but I simply love it. Clean interface, easy to use, so far so good. But more importantly: this will help me a lot and save me a ton of time. 🤩

Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal


I jumped in - and can I just say, OMG! LOVE it! Great quality output!

Poonam Sonawane

Poonam Sonawane


Wow! Just tried the app and it's amazing. I am currently struggling to come up with things to write on twitter. But looking at the output Alohi generated, I already got a few tweets which I really liked. So helpful for me 🙂

Luca Restagno

Luca Restagno


This app solves the problem of generating quality content, fast. I use it often because I need it for my newsletter!

Dayo Samuel

Dayo Samuel


I've personally experienced the headache of having to write a newsletter, publish a podcast and then the content does not go out beyond that. So I have to say I'm truly impressed here. I can go from one newsletter content to multiple variations of tweets. Excelente!!! Huge time saver!

Ainars Klavins

Ainars Klavins


If you have a newsletter - give it a go. I think Mattia is on to something 🙂

Kevon Cheung

Kevon Cheung


The challenge of writing 15 tweets in bulk is becoming increasingly difficult. With this app, I can easily spread my content out over a month—and I could repurpose older articles, like a content bank. Interesting styles. Impressed with the copy.

Roberto Robles

Roberto Robles


Man, this is great!




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